Identify Your Document’s Accessibility Errors

After selecting Structure Types in the Touch Up Reading Order panel, items that have identifiers on them (tags) will show the structure.

The following screenshot gives an example of what you may see. In this example, some elements are tagged and others are not; some are tagged correctly, and others are not. This is frequently the case when documents are made accessible incorrectly (or not at all) in their native software.

Incorrect elements identified include:

  1. Heading elements tagged incorrectly.
  2. Background decoration (a page-dividing line) tagged as an image.
  3. Heading element not tagged.
  4. Blocks of text (paragraph elements) not tagged.
  5. Image elements tagged but lacking alt-text.
  6. Image element not tagged.

incorrect tagging of structure elements

If your document’s headings, blocks of text (paragraphs), images, and background decorations are all correctly tagged and all possess alt-texts where required, skip to Step 8: Correct your document’s reading order.

After you have identified the document's current structure, continue to Step 3: Clear/Fix Document Structure