Revise Existing Tags in Content

Headings divide your content into meaningful sections. Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) help provide structure by indicating which of your headings should be subordinate to which. Likewise, each block of text (tagged ‘”P” for paragraph) in your document must be individually tagged so that you can assign it a place in the page’s reading order. If your document’s headings and text are tagged incorrectly, you can fix them using the Touch Up Reading Order tool.

  1. With the Touch Up Reading Order tool open, click within the square-shaped tag-marker of an incorrectly tagged element.
  2. Select the correct element type in the Touch Up Reading Order tool window.
  3. Do this for each incorrectly tagged element.

Tags can easily be changed through the Touch Up Reading Order tool

After you have updated any incorrect tags in your document's page structure, continue to Step Five: Add new tags to content