Clear Page Structure

If your document seems "close" to the logical structure, you may want to keep what is there so far and edit/add to it.

If your PDF document does not contain tags, or many are incorrect you will want to to select Clear Page Structure to clear the document. This function is a page by page function, therefore you will need to repeat it on each page of your document.

Clearing a document’s existing structure

  1. Bring up the first page of your document in the main viewing window
  2. In the Touch Up Reading Order tool window, select Clear Page Structure from the buttons at the bottom. (As needed, bring up each subsequent page in the main viewing window and repeat process.)
  3. in the Tags Panel, select the top-most item (should be the label "Tags") and select delete

clear page structure for each page in your document

Checking that structure is clear

  1. In the Order Panel, no information should show under the Page # icon
  2. In the Tags Panel, it should read "No Tags available"

Need help opening these panels? See PDF How-To's: Opening Tags/Order Panels

clear the page structure to start tagging from scratch

If you did not clear your page structure, continue to Step Four: Revise existing tags in content

If you have cleared the page structure, continue to Step Five: Add new tags to content