Tag an element as a Heading

Every document must have a heading structure. Visually, we can identify by the look of text if it is a heading item. Non-visual users rely on the tags associated with text to identify them.

Tagging Headings

  1. Open the Touch Up Reading Order panel
  2. Select the icon in the top right corner of the Touch Up Reading Order tool to activate the selection tool.
  3. Fully surround the text you wish to tag, ensuring all letters are selected. (TIP: You may need to encircle an area much larger than just your text in order to successfully select it and it may require more than one attempt)
  4. Select Heading 1 (or correct heading level) to tag the text element
  5. The selected text will now show the H1 (or selected heading level) on the text block (NOTE: This is a new feature in Acrobat Pro XI)

Lasso then select label to tag elements

Tagging Other Elements

Follow the steps above but instead of selecting a Heading element, select the appropriate item.