Verify Reading Order

For non-visual users, it is important that the PDF markup flows in the same logical order as the document is intended. This is quickly done through the Tags Panel

Verifying the Reading Order

  1. Open the Tags Panel
  2. Select the first tag in the Tag panel (H1 in the example below). You should see the corresponding text highlight in the document.
  3. Using your arrow keys, move down the Tag panel structure, noting what is highlighting in the document.

If you find that a Tag is out of order based on the document, place your cursor on the Tag that needs to be moved, hold down your left mouse button, and drag it to the correct position in the Tags tree. Go through your Tag list again to verify it now shows in the correct reading order.

Note: if the text in the body does not highlight, select the Options icon (just above and to the left of the Tags tree) and select "Highlight Content."

Reading order can be verified by arrowing through your tags panel and comparing to the highlighted text in the content