EIT Accessibility Policy Overview

The Electronic Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility policy (HR-86) aids campus efforts to ensure a learning and research environment that is inclusive and accessible for all, especially those with disabilities. All EIT developed, procured, maintained, used by the university, or provided by the university for use by its personnel, students, or the public are subject to the provisions of the EIT accessibility policy.

Policy Authority

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (OVCDEI) is the authority for executing and maintaining the provisions of the policy. The OVCDEI will ensure the operation of the Technology Accessibility Review Committee (TARC), and it work with the TARC to provide resources for compliance monitoring and to assist faculty, staff, and students with developing, procuring, maintaining, using, or providing accessible EIT.

Key Policy Provisions

The EIT accessibility policy calls for:

  • The creation of the TARC, the committee tasked with the implementation, governance, and exceptions to the policy.
  • The adoption of procedures that help maintain an accessible educational environment on campus, including specific procedures for the procurement of accessible EIT.
  • The review of all EIT utilized on campus for accessibility.
  • The possible discontinuance of use of a non-accessible EIT until it is made accessible or a compliance exception is granted. Policy Text

The full EIT Accessibility policy text is posted in the Campus Administrative Manual. It is policy number HR-86.