Verify Reading Order

For non-visual users, it is important that the PDF markup flows in the same logical order as the document is intended. This is quickly done through the Tags Panel


Presence of Alternate Text

Any non-text element that conveys meaning must have a description, also known as alternate text (alt-text), associated with it.

Rollover Test

In Acrobat, alt-text is essentially a tool-tip, therefore place your cursor over the object and you should see the alt-text pop up.

Place mouse on image to see if alt text come up as a quick test


Tag an element as a Heading

Every document must have a heading structure. Visually, we can identify by the look of text if it is a heading item. Non-visual users rely on the tags associated with text to identify them.


Open Touch Up Reading Order Panel

The Touch Up Reading Order Panel is used to add/edit tagged elements in a document. Having this panel open also assists in determining document structure and editing of alt-text and tables.