WCAG 2.0: Style/Content

Use proper HTML markup to identify the semantics and language of text content. Ensure that text is readable by adhering to color contrast guidelines, and that information is not conveyed solely by the use of color, shape, location or sound.

Rule Level SC Required
Not only shape, size and location A 1.3.3 Yes
Use of color A 1.4.1 Yes
Replace marquee elements A 2.3.1 Yes
Page must use language code A 3.1.1 Yes
Replace b and i elements A 4.1.1 no
Text must exceed CCR of 4.5 AA 1.4.3 Yes
Resize text content AA 1.4.4 Yes
Focus must be visible AA 2.4.7 Yes
Identify language changes AA 3.1.2 Yes