Using Styles

Location of the Styles Ribbon

The "Styles Ribbon" is located under the HOME tab

Select the arrow icon located at the bottom right of this section to open the Styles as a sidebar

Keyboard command to open the Styles as a sidebar: While holding down the ALT + H, F, Y

The Styles section is located on the Home Tab

Applying a Style

These steps note how to add a Heading Style to your document. This same process applies for any other style in the list or as created by the user. For existing text changes, Styles are applied to blocks of text - from beginning of a line to the first hard return. If you need to change multiple blocks of existing text to the same style, you will need to either do each block at a time or highlight all the blocks that need changed then select the new style.

Prior to typing text

  1. Place cursor at start of text area
  2. Select Heading style from Ribbon or Sidebar
  3. Type text for Heading
  4. Enter when finished. The style will default to Normal

After typing text (reformatting)

  1. Place your cursor within the block of text you want to assign as a Heading
  2. Select Heading style from Ribbon or Sidebar to change style

Modifying a Style

Word provides some template styles, but each style can also be modified with all available formatting options including font and color, spacing and margins, and borders and shading.

  1. With the Styles opened as a sidebar, select the small arrow at the end of the style. This will open a submenu
  2. Select MODIFY from the submenu
  3. From the Modify Style dialog box, change the formatting options. You will see a preview of the changes in the middle section of this box
  4. For additional formatting changes, select the FORMAT button at the bottom left
  5. When you have finished, select OK and any content in the document with this style will be updated

Each style can be modified through the submenu activated by the dropdown box attached to each style element in the list

Save as New Style Set

To save your modified styles to a new style set:

  1. Select STYLE SET form the CHANGE STYLE button on the Styles Ribbon
  2. Select SAVE AS QUICK STYLE SET from the submenu (should be the last item in the list)
  3. In the dialog box that opens, name your style set (this example used "All Italics" for the new style)
  4. Select SAVE. Your new style will now show up in the list of style under STYLE SET

To make your new style the default

  1. Select your new style from the CHANGE STYLES > STYLE SET button on the Styles Ribbon
  2. Select the CHANGE STYLES button again and select SET AS DEFAULT

Modified styles can be saved as a new set from the change styles button