Document Accessibility

magnifying glass over the top of a set of file foldersWhen it comes to web accessibility, it is important that all documents that are in the content are developed in a manner that assitive technology can read through them without any issues.

Many times, these are referred to as "downloadable documents." These are defined as, any file separate from the webpage that can be downloaded or opened. Examples include Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. 

It is important that all documents in the content of a webpage be created in an accessible manner. The following pages will give you some starting tips toward reaching that goal. 

Document Accessibility Best Practice Quick Tips

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SensusAccess is a text conversion tool that allows anyone with an address to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media. The service can also be used to convert image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

SensusAccess offers four different types of services:

  • SensusAccess InterfaceAccessibility: Image and Files such as TIFF, image-only PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PCX, JP2, can be converted to more accessible formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, WORD XML, XLS, XLSX, CVS, text, RTF and HTML.  Microsoft Office docs can be converted into tagged PDF. Microsoft PowerPoint can be converted into RTF files and web-projects.
  • E-book Services: Documents can be converted to EPUB, EPUB3, EPUB3 with media overlays, and MOBI (Amazon Kindle) e-book formats. 
  • Audio Services: Conversion into plain MP3 files, Daisy Talking Books, and spoken math. The audio conversion features currently include high-quality voices for several international languages.
  • Braille Services: Transcription of documents to and from contracted and uncontracted Braille in accordance with the Braille codes for several international languages. The documents can furthermore be formatted and paginated and delivered as ready-to-emboss files in a variety of digital Braille formats.

The SensusAccess interface is located at