Explore With Hadi

Accessibility can sometimes be very abstract and we might not completely understand how users with disabilities will be affected by our designs or if we’ve implemented a technique correctly. The monthly "Explore with Hadi" meeting is a place where we can evaluate these things together, identify any issues and hopefully find solutions together to address accessibility/usability issues.

The Explore with Hadi discussion is held on the second Tuesday of each month. It is an informal gathering where everyone involved in the development and maintenance of websites can bring their accessibility questions to an open dialog. We will examine how potential accessibility issues in the web development process can impact a wide range of disabilities. This includes looking at the overall design, determining how screen reading software shows the page, discuss usability issues and best practices using HTML/CSS/Javascript and how to incorporate the latest accessibility techniques like WAI ARIA. We strive to present an overall universal design approach to help you not only improve web sites and applications but also gain a more informed understanding of what that takes.

All of this takes place in a friendly, comfortable environment. The discussion is always instructive and helpful in bringing best practices and techniques to light in a practical, hands-on format.

Online meeting info:

Location, phone/videoconference information, and topic info is provided in announcements on the CCSP, Webmasters, and Accessibility mailing lists the week before the meeting. The Accessibility mailing list is open to off-campus subscribers; it is a good way to learn about upcoming Explore with Hadi meeting topics and to communicate with colleagues about web accessibility design, techniques, and implementation questions.

Please contact Michael McKelvey (mmckelve@illinois.edu) or Keith Hays (khays@illinois.edu) if you have questions.