Word Documents

By implementing some basic Best Practice principles, individuals can easily create documents that are readable to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Why Provide Accessible Word Tutorials?

  • Many people have never taken formal classes in how to effectively use Word
  • Not all Word training addresses accessibility
  • Limited/no knowledge about accessibility and documents
  • Native programs, such as Word, were not originally designed to address accessibility

What are Best Practices for Word?

Best Practices are techniques used when creating documents that allow you to easily include accessibility information. Using Best Practices creates a more structured document and results in accessible material, whether leaving it in the native .doc format or exporting to other formats such as PDF or HTML.

Best Practices for Word include:

  • Usage of the Styling Ribbon to create heading (navigation) structure
  • Providing text descriptions for non-text elements
  • Use of heading elements in data table structures
  • Color usage