EIT Accessibility Policy Exceptions

Welcome to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Electronic Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy Exception request page. We strive toward a campus environment that is inclusive and accessible. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to procure or create EIT that meets that standard. At other times, the intended use of an EIT does not allow for meaningful access for those with a disability. In these situations, a request to use an inaccessible EIT or to use an EIT in an inaccessible context must be reviewed and approved.

To submit an exception request, use the loginclick the link below.

Request an Exception

Alternative Access Plan

As part of the exception request, an alternative access plan (AAP) for providing a reasonably equivalent and accessible alternative means of access must be provided. If the exception is approved, the alternative access plan must be implemented and maintained as long as the excepted EIT is in use. A link to download a template for the AAP is below.
Files for Download