Exception Request Form

The university sometimes must utilize information and communications technology (ICT) that do not meet the applicable federal and state standards for accessibility. When this occurs, campus policy requires that the inaccessible technology be approved by the Technology Accessibility Review Committee TARC) prior to use on campus. The exception process ensures that the access barriers presented by the accessibility flaws in an ICT are documented and that an equally effective alternative method of access is documented and will be implemented if the exception is approved.

Note: The exception review process normally takes ten (10) business days from the time of submission to be reviewed by the TARC. More time may be required if the TARC requires more information in order to review the request or if changes to the supplied alternative access plan are needed.


In order to submit an exception request, you must have the following documents ready for upload:

  • Accessibility evaluation report
  • Alternative Access Plan

The purchasing unit is responsible for ensuring that an accessibility evaluation was performed by an accessibility analyst on campus. Normally, the product owner of the technology or the purchasing unit is responsible for creating and implementing the alternative access plan. Contact your unit's IT Accessibility Liaison (ITAL) or the ADA IT Coordinator for assistance in creating the alternative access plan.

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