Become an IT Accessibility Liaison!

Being an IT Accessibility Liaison (ITAL) is an important role, and we are always looking for more people to serve as ITALs! It is not necessary to be an IT professional to be an ITAL, but it is important to be comfortable using and talking about the use of common technologies found on campus (e.g. web sites, the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe PDFs).

Liaisons are tasked with the following:

  • Being a first point of contact for their unit on questions of digital accessibility.
  • Working regularly with faculty and staff to promote accessibility best practices
  • Providing guidance on accessibility requirements for software purchases and assisting in the creation of policy exception requests for their unit
  • Conducting training for their unit on basic digital accessibility best practices and techniques
  • Assisting in periodic exercises, such as web site evaluations
  • Attending the monthly IT Accessibility Liaison meeting

Supervisor Authorization Required

In order to serve as an accessibility liaison, it is necessary to obtain authorization from your immediate supervisor, and it is good if your supervisor discusses the IT Accessibility Liaison role with your unit head. Please do not proceed with filling out this form if you have not obtained authorization to become an IT Accessibility Liaison.