Technology Accessibility Review Committee

The Technology Accessibility Review Committee (TARC) is a standing committee appointed by the Office of the Chancellor. The TARC is charged with reviewing and approving accessibility exception requests and assisting the ADA IT Coordinator in accessibility awareness efforts.


The current members of the TARC are:

  • Mike Bohlmann (Chair), Director of IT, College of Applied Health Sciences
  • Lawrence Angrave, Technology Professor, Computer Science
  • Robert Baird, Associate Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
  • Christy Blew, Information Technology Accessibility Specialist, Disability Resources & Educational Services
  • Sara Holder, Associate Professor, University Library
  • MT Hudson, Senior Accessibility Specialist, Office for Diversity, Equity, and Access
  • James Quissenberry, Director, Information Technology Shared Services
  • Mariana Seda, Associate Director for Strategic Communications, College of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Leslie Sherman, Senior Data Systems Developer, IT Partners - College of Education and Council on Teacher Education
  • Kimberly Collins (ex officio), Director, Disability Resources & Educational Services
  • Allison Kushner, J.D. (ex officio), ADA Coordinator, Director, AAD Division, Office for Access and Equity
  • Keith Hays (ex officio), ADA IT Coordinator, Office for Access and Equity
  • Medra Roberts-Southerland (ex officio), Assistant Director for Diversity Initiatives, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion