Making Content Perceivable


  1. ColorLearn how to use color for those with low vision or who are colorblind.
  2. FormsLearn how to make forms accessible.
  3. ImagesLearn how to make images accessible to users who are blind.
  4. MultimediaLearn about captions, audio descriptions and transcripts.


For those who have standard visual acuity, we take in and process significant amounts of information subconsciously. It's difficult to "un-know" subconscious assumptions but that is what we have to do in order to see our interface in a way that those with color-blindness or low-vision see it.


This section will talk about forms and how they should be coded. Include use of aria-label too.


This section will talk about the proper use of ALT and decorative images.


This section will talk about captioning and audio-descriptions for multimedia. Proper keyboard accessibility for video controls should also be mentioned.